Freelancer Orientation


  • This exam contains 20 multiple choice questions.
  • You have 10 minutes to complete this exam.
  • Make sure you attempt all the questions.
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  • You can continue the exam even after you have disconnected from the Internet before the exam expires.
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  • The exam questions are in English language.
Questions and Answers:

What would prevent a freelancer from bidding on a project?
Answer: Any of these
What action should a freelancer take if an employer cancels a Milestone Payment before the project deadline?
Answer: Launch a dispute as soon as possible
In what ways can you earn money in Freelancer?
Answer: All of these
Can a Freelancer change his/her username?
Answer: No, your username is permanent and cannot be changed
How many service listings can a Standard member create?
Answer: 10
What is the reward for having friends sign up with
Answer: None of the answers
What’s the monthly bid limit for a Basic member?
Answer: 50
How many bids per month does a premium member get?
Answer: 1500 Bids Limit
How much does it cost to bid a Priority project?
Answer: $5 unless you have a premium account
Which is the best course of action to take if the employer has only paid a portion of the amount on the invoice, not the full amount?
Answer: Report the employer to using the contact form
What is the means to pay for a paid exam in
Answer: By paying with dollars or credits
What makes your Freelancer profile complete?
Answer: All of these
How many Service Listings for basic plan?
Answer: 3 or 3%
How much money is needed to create an account on
Answer: $0
How much does it cost a freelancer to bid on a project?
Answer: it is free to bid / there is no cost to place a bid
Should I always bid the lowest amount?
Answer: No! You should bid as much as you value the effort needed to complete the work
Which one answer is incorrect regarding the Milestone Dispute Resolution Services:
Answer: If you desire to have legal counsel, you can elect an independent legal counsel (licensed) from your jurisdiction
How many skills can add a Standard Member?
Answer: 30
Location of Awarded Contests is
Answer: My project-> Awarded Contests
Where you can view My service
Answer: My project
How many skills can be added by a Plus member?
Answer: 80
How many skills can a Premium member select?
Answer: 100
What is the maximum number of skills that a Premium member can add?
Answer: 400
How many service listings are available for a Premium member?
Answer: 50
What is the hourly project fees for INTRO, BASIC, PLUS members?
Answer: 5% respectively
As a freelancer, how do you view the Latest contests?
Answer: Go to Browse Projects and select Latest Featured
What is the limit to generate external invoice for Premium members?
Answer: Unlimited
Can you communicate with the employer without a project?
Answer: No
What is the hourly project fee for BASIC members?
Answer: 3%
What is the monthly bid limit for a Standard member?
Answer: 150
Is there any hourly project fee difference for the following membership plan? FREE, INTRO, BASIC, PLUS member
Answer: All are same
Which of the following would not be applicable for a basic membership plan?
Answer: External Invoicing
How many employers can a Plus member follow?
Answer: 10
What is the hourly project fee for a Standard Member?
Answer: 1%
How many service listings can a Premium member have?
Answer: 50
How much is the monthly fee for Standard Membership?
Answer: 49.95 USD/ Month
What is the monthly cost of availing the Plus Membership?
Answer: free
How many service listings for a plus plan?
Answer: 10
How many skills a free member can list?
Answer: unlimited
I was awarded a project several days ago, but the milestone payment I requested hasn’t been created. What should I do?
Answer: Contact the employer with a polite reminder or issue a milestone payment request
How can a freelancer deliver a project to the employer?
Answer: By any of these methods
Which membership plan is recommended by
Answer: Standard
How many skills can a Plus member select in the qualification section of his/her profile?
Answer: 80
Which plans allow for express withdrawals?
Answer: All of the above
Can a freelancer also be an employer (post projects and hire people)?
Answer: Yes
How can you familiarize yourself with rules, regulations and policies?
Answer: By reading the FAQ section
When is a withdrawal locked?
Answer: When the status is processing
Where does one see the transaction history?
Answer: Finance
If you have purchased an exam for $5 and you have failed to get 75% passing marks, the next time you have to take the exam again, do you need to repurchase it or not?
Answer: Yes, you have to purchase each time you want to take exam
How much is the Hourly Project Fee charged for Premium members?
Answer: 3%
What is the fee for Post a urgent Project?
Answer: $9.00 USD
How much commission in percent will be taken from standard members account for a project awarded for a bid of 300$
Answer: There is no commission
How much Freelancer Basics Test cost?
Answer: It’s totally free
What is the minimum amount to host a project?
Answer: $5
After how many days you can change your Membership Plan?
Answer: Anytime
Where you can view My Services
Answer: My projects
Can a freelancer change a bid placed on a project?
Answer: Yes, if the project is still open for bidding
How many job types can a Premium member have selected in the Exams and Skills section of his/her profile?
Answer: 250
How much commission will be deducted from a Premium member’s account for a fixed price project awarded at a bid of $100.00?
Answer: 3% or $3
How much does it cost to bid on a project?
Answer: There is no cost to placed a bid
Where can you increase XP points?
Answer: In the XP projects and XP contests
What is the fixed price project fee for a freelancer with Premium Membership?
Answer: 3% or $3.00USD
How much is a Sealed Contest entry fee?
Answer: $10
Which of the following can be posted in a private message immediately after bidding on a project?
Answer: work samples
How many skills you can show in Free Member?
Answer: 20
How many projects could a freelancer held in the same time?
Answer: Unlimited
How many Employer Followings are allowed for a Premium Membership?
Answer: Unlimited
How much Sealed Contest Entry fees?
Answer: $0.50USD
Which document is not acceptable as proof of identity in Freelancer KYC?
Answer: Credit Card
How many Employer Following can one receive from a Basic Membership?
Answer: 5
What is the hourly project fee for a free member?
Answer: 10%
How many service listings can a Standard member create?
Answer: 25

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