Freelancer Orientation


  • This exam contains 20 multiple choice questions.
  • You have 10 minutes to complete this exam.
  • Make sure you attempt all the questions.
  • Do not use the browser back button while taking this test.
  • The timer of the exam will not stop once the exam starts.
  • You can continue the exam even after you have disconnected from the Internet before the exam expires.
  • Modern web browsers improve the exam experience.
  • The exam questions are in English language.
Questions and Answers:

What would prevent a freelancer from bidding on a project?
Answer: Any of these
What action should a freelancer take if an employer cancels a Milestone Payment before the project deadline?
Answer: Launch a dispute as soon as possible
In what ways can you earn money in Freelancer?
Answer: All of these
Can a Freelancer change his/her username?
Answer: No, your username is permanent and cannot be changed
How many service listings can a Standard member create?
Answer: 10
What is the reward for having friends sign up with
Answer: None of the answers
What’s the monthly bid limit for a Basic member?
Answer: 50

Jobboy job

  1. Go to and SKIP AD

  2. Click “ LITE” tab below Account types

  3. Read the page

  4. Enter the required information

  5. Fill in all the boxes that ask for Your Name, Email, Country or Type (chose drop down arrow), Phone etc.

  6. Click“Open Account”

  7. Then open new window

  8. All information is correct Click“Continue”

  9. Complete the registration process

  10. You will get an email from site. Click to set new password for your profile, please, follow this link (in your email address).

  11. Go to Client Profile Login Page

  12. Click “Deposit” tab

  13. Deposit any  methods  ( If you Deposit $ 100 USD or $ 100USD plus  and use Promo code: “Facebook ” receive Bonus 50%USD )

  14. Minimum Deposit $ 10 USD

  15. I hope you earn a lot of $USD

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